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Call Lowell at 303-428-4017 for a free home insulation inspection and estimate.
We are a family owned company and take pride in installing our cellulose insulation right the first time. We take the time to ensure that you get the best possible job for your hard earned dollars.

Take advantage of the XCEL Energy rebate for customers in 2014 (20% of total job cost up to $300) and get your attic re-insulated to improve your homes' energy efficiency

Most of the heat loss and gain in a home is through the attic.

Insulating your attic is one of the most cost effective things you can do to improve your homes' energy efficiency.

Our areas of expertise are insulating new homes, walls and attics, as well as existing home retrofit which includes adding insulation to attics and/or walls.

We have also been involved in insulating Passive home projects such as Travelers Rest  in Ft. Lupton.

The sweetness of a low bid is long forgotten after the bitter taste of poor quality.

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There is big difference in the performance of different types of insulation.

Independent studies by the University of Illinois and Oak Ridge National Laboratory determined that fiberglass insulation loses over one half of its stated R-Value with outside temperatures at 10 degrees F and lower. So when you need your insulation the most, fiberglass performs the worst.

Cellulose insulation however, actually shows a slight R-Value increase in cold temperatures.

The Stabilized Cellulose insulation we use will not settle, ever.

Don't be fooled by contractors telling you that fiberglass is as good or better than cellulose.

Click on "The Colorado Study" tab  to read about
a real world performance test from the University of Colorado.

Visit Applegate Insulation for more information about the premium cellulose insulation we install in homes.
Serving Denver and surrounding areas and the foothills. We have also completed jobs in Buena Vista and Leadville.
We are licensed in the city of Denver.

We are currently accredited by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau. Click HERE to view a BBB reliability report.
Winner of a gold star certificate from BBB Denver/ Boulder, 2013.
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